19-23 February 2018

27-31 August 2018

community facilitators training programme

This is a 12-day in-depth programme. The training prepares organizational staff to facilitate the implementation of land restoration programmes using Holistic Land & Livestock Management in the communities they serve. ACHM staff also provides programme monitoring for the organization and mentoring support to the trained facilitators.

herding and low-stress handling workshop
special events

This 2-day workshop is geared to farmers and organisations interested in conservation agriculture. Participants are shown how to kraal community livestock on successive portions of harvested cropfields at night for about seven days to break up the soil with their hooves and deposit dung and urine. This treatment has more than doubled (five times, in some cases) maize yields compared to community control fields. Animal impacting makes abandoned fields usable again. It also eliminates the labour required to transport manure to the field.

special events

11-22 June 2018

17-28 September  2018

13-14 March 2018  21-22 May 2018

 23-24 July 2018    10-11 September 2018 

19-20 November 2018

These 5-day workshops are conducted almost entirely in the field, with the Dimbangombe herders assisting our regular training staff. Participants learn how to position themselves relative to the herd so that the herd moves where they want it to move, calmly and quietly, and use the same technique to manoeuvre animals into handling facilities or in and out of the kraal. They learn about Holistic Planned Grazing and how to plan the herding each day to best implement the plan and also learn about kraal management and maintenance.

holistic management field seminar for organizational leaders
how to increase crop production (using 'animal impact' workshop

5-6 March 2018

15-17 October 2018

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In addition to the workshops listed below, a one-day introductory seminar on Holistic Planned Grazing is available on request (send us a note, using the form below).

holistic planned grazing workshop

seminars, workshops and training programmes

A 2-day introduction to Holistic Management and the Community Facilitator Training Programme. Seminars are held in the classroom and on the land. This seminar is for organisational directors or managers with staff in the training programme that will need their support as they move into implementation. It also serves as an introduction for those who may be considering future participation in the Community Facilitator Training Programme.

This 3-day workshop is designed for grazing planning beginners and for those wanting a refresher in the basics. Participants learn how to plan and manage where livestock are herded in both the growing and non-growing seasons, so that animals remain healthy, safe, and productive, even as they work to heal the land. When more grass grows, livestock have more to eat, more soil is covered, and more rain remains in the soil to feed boreholes and non-growing season river flow.

19-20 March 2018

20-21 August 2018