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Predators, particularly lions, are plentiful in our corner of Zimbabwe, but the movable lion-proof kraals (enclosures), developed here on Dimbangombe, keep livestock safe at night and enable us to remain a “predator- friendly” operation. Panels are made of boma sheeting – a PVC material used in the game capture industry – to form a fence lions will not challenge.

lion-proof kraals


On-the-ground learning about the basic processes at work in any environment and how management can influence them for the better. Out on the land it becomes obvious what the soil needs in order to stay healthy, what the plants need to grow well, and how animals can be managed to meet these needs while flourishing themselves. An important part of any training is learning to “read the land” – you just can’t do it from a book.

Large herds necessitate increased water availability, which is gained through storage (an inexpensive, highly durable, ultra-thin-walled cement reservoir) and rapid delivery to a trough. On Dimbangombe water is pumped using mains electricity or diesel as a power source. In the communal lands mains electricity or solar panels provide the power.

We provide introductory seminars, special topic workshops and facilitator training programmes for commercial and communal farmers, as well as NGOs and government ministries working with agro-pastoralists. Most training is provided on our Dimbangombe learning site so participants can gain practical hands-on experience in planning and managing grazing, low-stress herding and handling, and much more, as explained below in The Dimbangombe Learning Experience section. Furthermore, we offer formal accreditation for professionals who desire to train or consult with practitioners following completion of our Community Facilitator’s Training Programme.  Read more about the seminars, workshops and training programs we offer here.

We will soon be offering auditing services to land managers who are interested in accessing established market incentives or premium prices for their products under specific sustainable land and livestock management standards.

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We serve as a regional incubator for innovative land-based enterprises that could enhance triple bottom line returns to farmers.  Current enterprises under development include pasture-raised chickens and pigs that improve the land while also providing a good living for families though a well-developed market chain. In the future we will also develop and share innovative approaches to monetizing ecosystem services.

environmental literacy

We offer opportunities for local youth and community members and visitors to the Victoria Falls area to learn more about Holistic Management and the business, policy, and scientific issues involved in sustainable land management at special events on our Dimbangombe learning site.  See our Events page for a current schedule.  These events can also be scheduled elsewhere on request.

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The Dimbangombe grazing plan is posted on a wall for all to see. The aim of the grazing plan is not only to improve land health, but to ensure livestock and wildlife have adequate forage year round. In the growing season livestock grazing is timed to ensure maximum plant growth and re-growth. In the dry season the plan rations out the forage that was grown to ensure it lasts until the next rains. Droughts are anticipated each year and successfully planned for. In all seasons, livestock moves are planned months ahead to avoid conflict with the needs of wildlife – for food, water, or shelter. The Dimbangombe herders can explain where they will take the herd each day, what areas they will avoid or give special treatment along the way, when they will move the herd to a new area and what they will do when they get there.

All of the seminars, workshops and training programs held on Dimbangombe provide participants a close-up experience of the following:

We offer custom training, education, and consulting services to land managers, NGOs and government ministries who are influencing the management of large areas of grasslands or degraded dry lands.

We will soon be offering biological, social, and financial monitoring services to land managers, organizations and government ministries to ensure long-term sustainability of their projects and initiatives.